Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes

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Our Dogs

As a breeder, and even more so as an owner/competitor, I strive to continually improve my dogs by keeping them active in a variety of dog sports and activities.  I try to always 'go the distance' with my dogs by not competing in JUST conformation, or JUST obedience, but in a variety of activities. 

Many breeders focus on one venue and while they might be successful in that venue I feel that Chesapeakes are a versatile breed and are happiest when they are learning new skills.  I strive to NOT be the type of breeder who advertises that my dogs are working on a specific title, yet the dog never seems to achieve that title, much less even test/trial for it!  I don't 'talk' about what I am 'going to do,' we go out and DO it!   

ALL of my own personal dogs have been completely owner trained and handled by myself.  I do not rely on 'professional' handlers or trainers.  I feel this is 'important' as it shows that puppies/dogs produced from my kennel are easy to train and the average person should be able to take their own dog and train it to do whatever they wish to do with their Whiskey Creek dogs. 

When looking for your next puppy/dog these are some things you might want to consider- ease of training, willingness to learn, and what the parents have achieved and produced in their offspring.  

The Girls


 The Boy



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