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Puppy Price




What you can expect to pay for a Whiskey Creek Chesapeake puppy? 

If you have been looking around (or dare I say ‘shopping’) for a Chesapeake puppy you have probably seen there are several different ‘types’ of breeders and/or kennels.

Things you need to ‘compare’ when looking at other kennels that breed Chesapeakes:

*Do they put EXTENSIVE health clearances on their dogs?
Whiskey Creek does!  You can see for yourself by clicking the ‘Health Clearances’ link under each of our dogs.  All of those health clearances cost us HUNDREDS of dollars per dog, but protect YOU the buyer from investing HUNDREDS of dollars into health issues that could have been prevented had the breeder done the appropriate health checks on the dogs before breeding them!

*Do they participate in any ‘activities’ with their dogs?
Whiskey Creek does!  Most of our dogs have MULTIPLE titles in MULTIPLE venues!  Competing with our dogs in all of the events we do costs money.  On average the entry fee for an event is $25 and up.  Add to the entry fee the cost of traveling and you can imagine that competing with your dogs is not only a commitment in training, but a financial commitment as well.   

*Do they MICROCHIP (and REGISTER the microchip!) each puppy before it leaves their kennel?
 Whiskey Creek does!  A microchip is a form of PERMANENT identification to help owners recover their puppy if he/she were to get lost.  Whiskey Creek strives to NEVER have a pup end up in a shelter or a rescue group, but if it does, we WANT to be able to recover any puppy of ours that might end up in a situation such as this and the ONLY way we can ‘protect’ our puppies is to make sure each and every pup that leaves here is microchipped.  Microchips and the registration on average are about $25.  A cost that we gladly pay for the extra security it offers us!

*Do they INDIVIDUALLY register each puppy in the litter with AKC?
Whiskey Creek does!  It is $30 per puppy for us to register each puppy, but it is a cost we are happy to absorb.

*Do they have one or two males and several females that they breed over and over?
Whiskey Creek does NOT!!!  We NEVER do ‘repeat breedings’ and we never breed our girls more than two or three times!  ASK the other kennel how many times their male has been bred to their female.  If they have done it more than TWO times, WHY have they done it that many times?  We spend a lot of time researching males that will complement our girls.  We often breed to dogs who are deceased, meaning we incur the cost of shipping frozen semen and surgically breeding our girls- Neither of which are cheap!

*Do they ALWAYS seem to have a litter of puppies available?
Whiskey Creek does NOT!!!  Breeding takes a LOT of time and planning.  We are fortunate enough to be able to dedicate all of our time to a litter of pups when we have one, our puppies ARE our job!  Yes!  We are able to be with our puppies 24/7 which means we are able to do more ‘things’ with our puppies then someone else who might have a ‘formal’ job that keeps them from being able to spend ‘quality’ time with their puppies.  Even though we have the ‘time’ for breeding multiple litters of pups per year, we choose to breed one to two carefully planned litters per year.

Once you start comparing, you will see that Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes compared to many of the other kennels is like comparing apples to oranges.  You have obviously seen the quality in our dogs and the puppies we produce hence the reason you have come to this page! 

What should you expect to pay for a puppy that comes from Whiskey Creek?  Depending on the accomplishments of the sire and the dam, whether they have offspring that are accomplished, as well as factors such as if the breeding is an artificial insemination breeding to a dog that is deceased or is no longer able to be bred are influences on the price of our puppies.  Raising puppies of the caliber that we produce is not a cheap endeavor and yet the prices of our puppies are NOT MUCH MORE than the breeder who doesn’t do health clearances, doesn’t put titles on their dogs, and who bred their male and females over and over and over again (so often as a matter of fact that they no longer list WHO they are breeding).  So when contacting us to inquire about the prices of our puppies, please keep this information in mind as what it costs us to produce a litter of puppies is most likely FAR GREATER than the breeder who doesn’t put the health clearances, titles, time or effort into each and every breeding the way we do at Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes.

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...but I just want a pet, not a show dog...


FABULOUS!  My goal as a breeder is to have ALL of my puppies go into homes that make them valued family pets and companions!  I do NOT ask or expect my puppy buyers to show their dogs in conformation, competitively hunt them, or participate in obedience or rally trials.  I DO ask that the dogs are loved unconditionally- because you will be getting unconditional love from them!

Here are some misconceptions I feel people have about buying a puppy from a breeder such as myself…

Will a puppy cost more from a breeder such as myself?  Maybe, but probably not as much as what you think it will.
ALL puppies from a litter cost the same. 
WHY?  Well, producing the ‘show puppy’ in the litter did not cost me anymore than the ‘pet puppy’ in the litter.  I do not have any more time or effort into producing a ‘show puppy’ as the ‘pet puppy,’ so WHY would I ask for more money for it?  I raise each and every puppy in the litter as a special pup, no one puppy is singled out and doted over more so than the other puppies. 
But what about the ever so coveted ‘Pick Puppy?’  Don’t you charge more for him/her?  NO, of course not!  In my litters ALL of the puppies are ‘pick puppies!’  Yes, that’s right!  The pup that always has to have something in its mouth is the ‘pick puppy’ for the buyer who is wanting a hunting puppy, but that puppy surely is NOT the ‘pick puppy’ for the couple wanting an easy going hiking companion.  And the puppy that seems to have springs for paws is the ‘pick puppy’ for the young lady who is active running her dogs in agility, but that is NOT the ‘pick puppy’ for the young couple with two elementary aged school children who are looking for a companion for their family.
Don’t be fooled by breeders who ‘label’ dogs as the ‘Pick Puppy’ hence requiring you to plunk down more money.  A good breeder knows what puppy belongs with what family ensuring EVERYONE gets their ‘Pick Puppy.’

Because all you want is a ‘pet’ you don’t deserve a puppy that is ‘good looking?’  Of course you do! 
Just because the sire and dam of the litter has a Championship title doesn’t mean that each and every puppy in the litter is bound to be a ‘show dog.’  While most of the pups in the litter could very well be ‘show dogs,’ requiring owners of the pups to show their dogs is not something I ask or require.  So even though you are wanting a ‘just a pet’ you probably will get lucky and bring home a mighty fine looking puppy that is destined to be your families best four legged friend!





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